Rotterdam, NY
Rotterdam, NY

Public Works (Buildings, Parks and Water/Sewer)

The Department of Public Works organization consists of several departments. They are as follows: Building Inspection, Code Enforcement, Planning/Zoning, Parks, Building/Grounds, Water/Sewer and Landfill Operations.
Address: 1100 Sunrise Boulevard - Rotterdam, New York 12306
Contact: Mickey Maher
Phone: (518) 355-7575 ext.333
Fax: (518) 355-2725

The Public Works organization is committed to providing on a day to day basis an efficient level of service to the tax payers of the Town. As the Town moves forward, there will be many new challenges with maintaining and improving our infrastructure. Our staff will continue to be proactive and implement new ideas and technology to insure these challenges are met. In addition, we will strive to provide the best services for the Town residents.

Any questions or concerns regarding the above, please feel free to contact the Department of Public Works at your convenience by emailing us at

DPW Clerical Staff

Building Department/Code Enforcement

Planning/Zoning Department


Contact: Ryan Coulter

Address: 1100 Sunrise Boulevard - Rotterdam, New York 12306

Phone: (518) 355-7575

Fax: (518) 355-2725

Stormwater Links:

Annual Reports: (Shown in Download list below)

NYSDEC - Stormwater page

EPA Homeowner Care of Septic Systems

NYSDEC - Create a Rain Garden

2019 Construction Stormwater Inspection Report Download
2020 Construction Stormwater Report Download
2020 MS4 Annual Report Download
2021 Draft MS4 Annual Report Download
2021 Fire Hydrant and Water Main Flushing Schedule Download
Annual Water Quality Report Download
Construction Stormwater report August 2021 Download
Construction Stormwater report July 2021 Download
Construction Stormwater report June 2021 Download
Map, Plan, and Report_Extension No. 3 of Sewer District No. 7 (Curry Road East and West) Download
Sewer District No. 7 Extension No. 2 Condemnation for Utility Easements Download
Watering Regulations Download
Zoning Map updated 12/31/20 Download

Town Hall Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
  • Summer Hours June - September 8:00am to 4:00pm

Main Phone Number: (518) 355-7575

  • Assessor ext.396
  • Comptroller ext.394
  • Highway Dept. 355-7722
  • Justice Court 355-7911
  • Public Works ext.395
  • Supervisor ext.393
  • Tax Receiver ext.392
  • Town Clerk ext.352
  • Senior Citizens Center 356-1561