Rotterdam, NY
Rotterdam, NY

Dog Control

The Town of Rotterdam has contracted with the City of Schenectady Animal Control. They will be handling any issues regarding dogs within our town. If services are required, we kindly ask that you contact the UCC at 518-630-0911.
Contact: Unified Communications Center (UCC)
Phone: 518-630-0911

Town Hall Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Main Phone Number: (518) 355-7575

  • Assessor ext.396
  • Comptroller ext.394
  • Highway Dept. 355-7722
  • Justice Court 355-7911
  • Public Works ext.395
  • Supervisor ext.393
  • Tax Receiver ext.392
  • Town Clerk ext.352
  • Senior Citizens Center 356-1561